Health and Wellness through Grooming

What our customers are saying:

I just discovered and fell in love with your Oatmeal Dog Shampoo, Conditioning Spray, and Waterless Foam (for my cats!) I'm transitioning to a CRUELTY-FREE lifestyle, eliminating products that have been tested on animals. That was selling point #1. I love the gentle, cherry-almond, clean scent - not overpowering, and also not a weird smell on a dog like some shampoos that smell like chemicals or kiwi or mango. Leaves my pit-bull clean and soft and shiny. She sleeps in the bed with me, so she gets a washed in the bath or with the John Paul no-water foam shampoo 2-3x a week after the dog park, and she hasn't had any adverse skin reactions or itching. Amazing how I bought other shampoos that were tested on animals that still caused my dog problems, whereas no animals were harmed in the making OR use of John Paul Pet - and it works the best!

~ Tina O.