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"One of the joys of having horses in our lives is their incomparable grace and physical beauty. Grooming products from John Paul Pet go a long way toward keeping your equine partner clean and beautiful, without harsh or damaging ingredients. To get a horse show-ring-ready Super Bright Shampoo is great for greys or paints, or the Oatmeal Shampoo for all-around use. Then weāll treat the mane and tail with the Oatmeal Conditioning Rinse, and finish with Instant Detangling Spray for comb-out and a little bit of shine. The Eye & Ear Wipes are outstanding for giving the ears and muzzle a final cleaning after clipping without drying out those sensitive areas with alcohol.

Frizzy, sun-dried and bleached manes respond to daily use of one of the leave-in conditioners; my favorite is the Oatmeal Conditioning Spray. Tea Tree Conditioning Spray helps soothe minor skin irritations and keeps flies off these sensitive areas naturally.
Keep your horses clean and beautiful with John Paul Pet products."

ā Greg Dial, Trainer
"Teaching the horse... training the rider"

What our customers are saying:

I tried the Awapoochie shampoo and conditioner last night on my dog who has sensitive skin and allergies. He is itch free and his fur has never been so soft. I'm in love! Thanks for creating such a great product! I've tried tons of other shampoos for him over the years and have had little luck. Most either made him itch, gave him a rash or had entirely too much of a perfume smell. Yet another slam dunk for Paul Mitchell!

~ Monica S.