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Formulated expressly to quickly detangle thick or matted coats for easy brushing and coat manageability, while adding luster and shine.

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What our customers are saying:

Hello! I just wanted to say that my first experience with John Paul pet shampoos was about 4 years ago and I loved it. When I got my yellow lab last January, that was the product I grabbed! Noel just turned one year old on November 26 and for her first year I used the gentle formula for puppies as well as the oatmeal conditioner. I love how clean and soft her fur is after every bath and how good she smells! I will now be switching her to one of your other shampoos but I have a new black Labrador puppy that will be joining our family January 8 and believe me, I will be using your products on him as well! I am going to be a breeder of labs and just saw that you have pet packs that I could give to new puppy owners! I will be incorporating those into my puppy packs and when I start showing my dogs, I will be boasting about your product! Thank you for loving animals so much that you created such wonderful products for our best friends! You have a customer for life!

~ Lia G.